Hair Transplant For Edges

Throughout the years of stress, pollution and strain on the hair, it is possible for the edges to become scarcer and more frail.Luckily, there is an option offered by most hair transplantation clinics for you to have a hair transplant for edges!

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What Is A Hair Transplant For Edges?

When opting for a hair transplant for edges, you will have a surgeon move hair from an area of the scalp where there is healthy hair growth, to the edges of the scalp where you are experiencing thinning or hair loss. 


Before your surgery commences, the doctor will discuss with you what your preferred hairline should be, where your problem areas are and the procedure that they are going to follow during the surgery. 


The donor area will usually be shaved in order to extract the hair grafts with more efficiency. Most hair transplantation clinics have a hair stylist that will preform the shaving. They will help you to choose a hairstyle that will cover the shaved area and minimise the shaved area seen.

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Transplantation Methods Used In A Hair Transplant For Edges

Each clinic will have their own hair transplantation speciality technique or a combination of different techniques in order to achieve the desired results. There are currently a few hair transplantation techniques available, including:

  • FUE
  • DHI
  • IdealofMeD Combination FUE x DHI

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

There are two different methods that can be used during this procedure. There is the standard method, that uses a steel scalpel, and then there is the Sapphire method, that makes use of a Sapphire Blade instead of a scalpel. 

With the standard FUE method, your hair will be removed from the donor area and the grafts will be implanted into the desired area. The steel scalpel is sharp, but not as sharp as the Sapphire blade. This can result in a more invasive procedure that can take a longer time to heal, and there may be scarring afterwards, depending on the experience of the doctor. 

The Sapphire FUE method uses a Sapphire blade. This is a much sharper blade that is designed for hair transplant procedures. Due to the blade being a speciality tool, it is much less invasive, leaves virtually no scarring and will, therefore, increase the rate of recovery. 

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

This method is similar to the FUE method that is used. The main difference is with the method of hair implantation. A specialised tool is also used to do this. It is known as a choi implanter. This tool implants the hair follicle back into the scalp in-between other hairs. This increases the density of hair in that area without damaging the surrounding tissue. 

DHI x FUE (IdealofMeD Speciality)

This method of hair transplantation is ideal for those opting for a hair transplant for edges. IdealofMeD are the leaders in their field when it comes to this hair transplantation technique. They use a Sapphire blade to remove the hair in the donor area with the FUE method.

Once the hair follicles have been removed, causing minimal damage to the surrounding areas due to the use of the Sapphire blade, the hair follicles will be implanted into your edges, with the Choi implanter tool. This will restore your hairline and gives you a much faster recovery rate and cause minimal scarring to your scalp.

Turkey: The Hair Transplantation Expert Destination

Turkey has become the number 1 hair transplantation destination in the world, preforming over 60% of all hair transplants globally! They grew in popularity by being the best at what they do, and doing it at fantastic, affordable prices. A hair transplant in Turkey cost is up to 70% cheaper than other destinations.

One of the best factors of a hair transplant for edges Turkey price, is that it can be all-inclusive. There are multiple packages available, for those that wish to have hair transplant for edges at excellent all-inclusive prices. They have world-class clinics and surgeons, and they are hands-on throughout your whole process! Even if you do not reside within Turkey, your doctors and surgeons will continue consulting you after your procedure. 

It is the place to be if you wish to have a professional, cost-effective experience. When consulting with the clinics in Turkey, they will have packages available for you that will include your accommodation, your procedure and some will even include your flight costs. These packages include the best hotels, the best surgeons, as well as world-class hair experts and surgeons to take you through the process. 

The final benefit of using Turkey as your hair transplant for edges location is that it is an incredible holiday destination. Offering you an opportunity to experience the rich culture and history of Turkey, and allows you the opportunity to de-stress from your everyday life. It really is one of the best decisions you can make, not only for yourself, but for your hair!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplants for Edges

Yes it will. The hair transplant will move your hair to the areas where you are experiencing problems. After recovery, your edges will be restored and thus, your hairline will be as well.

Yes, hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution to hair loss, and receding edges. Taking proper care of your hair after surgery is essential if you want long-lasting results. 

No. The hair used during the hair transplantation surgery is your own hair. It is simply moved to the problem area. Therefore, your body will not reject it, as it is recognised by the body.

The success rate is 95% and higher. This rate of success is mostly determined by the after-care after the procedure. If proper care is taken, the correct shampoos are used and a healthy diet is followed, your procedure should be a success. 

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