Hair Transplant Process

During hair transplant surgery, small grafts of hair from the scalp are taken from a donor area and placed in a bald or thinning area. This article will provide you with an inside look at the hair transplant process for women.

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Choosing the Best Clinic for You

Finding out the specifics of the hair transplant process can help you understand what you’re getting yourself into if you find yourself struggling with hair loss and have decided to undergo a transplant.

Researching various hair transplantation clinics to determine which would best meet your needs is the initial stage in your hair transplant process. When conducting your research on the various hair transplant clinics, check for the following:

  • Free Consultation: It’s important to choose a hair transplant facility that provides a free consultation before undergoing the procedure. The medical team will be able to help you pinpoint the reasons behind your hair loss and the best course of action for you to follow.
  • Treatment Options: The method of treatment will vary depending on your reason for hair loss. It’s crucial that you confirm the clinic provides the services, including the numerous hair transplantation methods, that you require.
  • Experience: Check to see if the doctors, nurses, and other staff members at the hair transplant clinic you choose have a substantial amount of experience.
  • Before & After Pictures: Before and after photos of hair transplantation should be available upon request from a hair transplant clinic. In addition to showcasing their work, this will show clients that they are capable of doing what they say they do and that their strategies are effective. Viewing a range of before and after photos may allow you to assess the clinic’s effectiveness.
  • Hair Transplant Packages: Check to see if any clinics provide all-inclusive packages. This is a fantastic approach to reducing the expense of your hair transplantation.
  • Reviews: Check out previous clients’ testimonials to learn more about their experiences at a particular facility. Trustpilot is a reliable website to use for this.

Choosing a hair transplant clinic may be challenging, but fortunately, you will have many options to choose from because many doctors have embraced the process given how widespread hair transplants are today. By following the aforementioned suggestions, you can locate the ideal clinic that performs women’s hair transplants.

The hair transplant clinic you choose must be the ideal option for you, so make sure of that. Keep in mind that you have certain needs, and you should pick a hair transplant surgeon and facility that can accommodate them all. It’s crucial to conduct research and get suggestions from people you can trust.

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Communicating with Hair Transplant Clinics

Speaking with genuine clinics is an essential element of the hair transplant process. Before finalising your choice, you should ask the clinics a few questions once you have identified a couple that seem good to you.

Whether or not you’re a good female candidate for a hair transplant is one of the first questions to ask during your appointment. Your candidacy may be impacted by your age, previous medical conditions, and even the type of hair loss you experience. Even if surgery is not an option for you, the doctor may be able to recommend other hair loss treatments to slow or stop your hair loss.

Ask about any actions you need to take before having your hair transplant as well as what aftercare entails during your appointment. To help you plan out the whole hair transplant process, you should also find out how much a hair transplant would cost and how long the recuperation period will last.

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Choosing IdealofMed for a Female Hair Transplant in Turkey

You must be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that the clinic you have picked is the best fit for you during the entire hair transplant process. One of the best things about IdealofMeD is that they offer a special hair transplant package just for women. We’re going to see what a hair transplant in Turkey with IdealofMeD would look like to help you better comprehend the hair transplant process.

Selecting An All-Inclusive Female Hair Transplant Package

Selecting your chosen female hair transplant package from the two offered by IdealofMed is the next step in the hair transplant process. The senior specialist will discuss these alternatives with you and inform you of all that is included during your free consultation. The following two female packages are provided by IdealofMeD:

  • Standard Female Hair Transplant Package
  • Premium Female Hair Transplant Package

Tabulated below is just some of what you can expect from these two all-inclusive female hair transplant packages.


Standard Package

Premium Package


3 Nights

5 Nights

Hair Restoration Box

HyperBaric Chamber



Hair Washing



Booster Shot




FUE & DHI Combination Surgery

Extra cost


VIP Transfer

Dental Checkup & Cleaning

Hair Rejuvenation Products

Utilising the Hair Restoration Box to Prepare at Home

If you reserve your operation with IdealofMeD at least one month in advance, you will receive a Hair Restoration Box within a week of doing so. These supplies will prepare your transplantation area for the best results. It includes vitamins, shampoos, and serums designed specifically to fortify your existing hair and hydrate your scalp. This is a very helpful step in the hair transplant process.

One Week Prior to Your Hair Transplant Trip to Istanbul

As part of the hair transplant treatment package, IdealofMeD will assign you a dedicated host who will contact you a week before your procedure. The host will make the required arrangements to collect you up at the airport and to assist you with any other needs you might have while travelling. The host will communicate the essential data, including:

  • How to contact someone in case of emergency
  • Which exit at the airport to utilise
  • Updated visa requirements
  • The kind of sign your dedicated host will present at the airport

A questionnaire about your medical history will also be given to you in order to prepare for your arrival and hair transplant process. This questionnaire will be used during your in-person consultation.

Arrival in Istanbul - Day 1

The moment has come! Once you’ve arrived in the exciting city of Istanbul, everything will already be set up to make sure you get the most pleasant and enjoyable experience, as well as the swiftest, most comfortable hair transplant process possible.

As soon as you exit the airport’s baggage claim area, one of IdealofMeD’s hosts will be waiting for you and will lead the way. Their VIP shuttle service will pick you up and take you to where you need to go for your entire stay. A complimentary mini-bar, free WiFi, and the option to listen to your favourite music are all included in the VIP transfer! What could be better?

You will be driven directly to the hospital to check in from the airport. You might also conduct some blood tests at this time, although they could also be conducted on day 2 depending on the operations management. You will then be driven to your hotel to rest for the remainder of the day. All of this should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Day of The Procedure - Day 2

You’ll be given a delectable Turkish breakfast on your second day in Istanbul. A regimen will also be provided to you, letting you know when your driver will pick you up from the hotel lobby and drive you to the hospital for your procedure.

You will be met at the hospital by one of the senior patient consultants, who will be with you all day. You are welcome to ask any questions you may have.

At this point in the hair transplant process, you will meet with the medical team after your consultation with the specialist, who will ask you several questions and make sure your expectations are fair. After that, the team will examine your donor area under a digital microscope to determine how many grafts you’ll require to ensure a successful transplant.

A new hairline is then drawn on for you after this is finished. The hairline is symmetrical and in line with your facial and bone structures using a laser tool. Following this procedure, you will have to fill out some documentation.

You should plan to spend the majority of the day in the hospital as the surgery can take anywhere between 6 and 8 hours, depending on the size of the problem areas and which hair transplant method you need. In the operation room, the following things will happen:

  • Cleaning up the donation area
  • Application of local anaesthesia
  • Your donor area is used to extract your hair follicles
  • Your grafts are prepared for use and categorised
  • The targeted locations are implanted with hair follicles

You will have a post-op appointment with the medical staff and senior patient coordinator after your hair transplant is finished. You will then be driven back to your hotel to rest.

Resting Day - Day 3

On your third day in Istanbul, you will be instructed to take it easy and rest following the hair transplant process. This is a great time to catch up on some well-needed sleep and just relax!

Hospital Control - Day 4

This will be your last and final day if you have chosen the IdealofMeD standard female package. You’ll be taken to the hospital so that your bandages can be taken off and staff members can check that the donor and recipient areas both appear okay, and so you can get your hair washed. This will be where your hair will be washed for the first time in the hair transplant process following the operation. You will then be driven back to the airport where you may safely board your flight for home.

If you choose the executive female package, then after this you can tour around Istanbul and enjoy the scenery of a great tourist country.

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Following Up With Your Newly Transplanted Hair

The next part of the hair transplant process is aftercare. You can choose to purchase a 12-month Ideal Hair Transplantation Box from IdealofMeD after using your complimentary box for the first two months after your hair transplant. These boxes are filled with hair growth-stimulating, cleansing, and rehydrating products designed to hasten the process of achieving the desired outcomes from the treatment and to reduce the risk of infection and potential side effects after the hair transplantation.

IdealofMeD Hair Transplantation Box
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Hair Transplantation Results

The hair transplantation results are one of the main steps in the hair transplant process that everyone is most interested in seeing. Hair transplants can permanently restore fullness and graft density to balding areas with a 95% recovery rate for all grafts. How long will it take before you can truly notice a difference occurring on your scalp, regardless of what the hair transplant results ultimately look like? Let’s look at it.

  • Hair transplant results after 1 week: The first stages of your scalp’s healing process will be seen one week following your hair transplant procedure. You’re likely to see some scabs starting to form, and it might be sensitive. This is a common and positive first indication of recovery. Avoid picking or otherwise tampering with the scabs at all costs.
  • Hair transplant results after 1 month: You will endure “Shock Loss” during the first month following your hair transplant procedure. Your recently implanted hairs will fall out here, but this is perfectly natural and not any cause for concern.
  • Hair transplant results after 6 months: Since your hair transplant, your recovery has proceeded dramatically at this point in time. In the hair transplant process three months following the procedure, you should begin to notice the first signs of hair growth in the recipient area. When you reach the anagen stage of the hair growth cycle, you can expect fewer adverse effects and benefit from better hair regeneration as a result of continued aftercare.
  • Hair transplant results after 1 year: You’ll probably be able to see the best results of your procedure when you get to this stage of the hair transplant process. Now that you have successfully weathered all of the side effects, you may look forward to the procedure’s long-term outcomes.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that it can take up to 18 months to see the ultimate results of hair transplants, even though most women do notice them after 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many factors that can cause hair loss in women, with pregnancy, thyroid problems, and anaemia being some of the most prevalent ones. The main type of hair loss that many women suffer from is Androgenetic alopecia, also known as female pattern baldness.

Getting a hair transplant may seem like a timely process, but with the right, help you’ll have your procedure booked and done in no time. The hair transplant process involves you choosing the right clinic for yourself, having consultations with the clinics, what you can expect during the procedure, what aftercare routine you should follow and when you can expect to see your final results.

Before starting your hair transplant process, there are a few things you should understand about the procedure, such as the price, whether or not you’re a good candidate, and the many package options a clinic provides and what’s included in them. The best course of action is to schedule a consultation with your top-choice hair transplant clinic and ask all pertinent questions.

Hair transplants performed by trained medical professionals have success rates of 95%–98%.

This will ultimately differ from person to person, but you will be able to witness the ultimate results between 12 and 18 months following your hair transplant procedure.

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