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Hair Transplant Cost For Women

Hair loss isn’t an exclusively male issue, in fact, over 50% of women experience significantly visible hair loss by the time they reach 50 years old for many different reasons. Female hair transplants have spiked in popularity over the past few years with hundreds of thousands of women travelling to Turkey each year for the life-altering procedure. Below we are looking at all the components that affect the hair transplant cost for women and comparing the packages you’ll find in Turkey to the packages on offer in other countries such as the USA and the UK.

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Safe Medical Travel to Turkey

Before we get into all the reasons why so many women look forward to a Turkish cosmetic holiday, it should be noted that Turkey’s standard of cosmetic operations is what has upheld its esteemed cosmetic industry reputation over the years. With hair transplant specialists requiring post-graduate training in the dermatology and plastic surgery fields before gaining experience in the field of hair transplantation. Furthermore, once this experience is gained through shadowing and assisting, further assessments will determine a doctor’s candidacy for hair transplantation practice.

As for the air travel available, there are tons of reputable, large-scale air carriers making the rounds to Turkey from countries such as the USA daily, at affordable prices. Amongst these air carriers include the likes of American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and British Airlines offering roundtrips for as little as $595 per person.

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Hair Transplant Cost for Women in Turkey Vs Other Countries

Depending on various factors such as the ones listed below, you can expect to save up to 70% on hair transplant cost for women in Turkey in comparison to the USA and the UK. Turkey is notorious for offering all-inclusive packages which not only save you tons as far as finances go but also save you time as far as planning for accommodation and transportation in Turkey.

When comparing the cost of your hair transplant options, it’s important to take into consideration the various factors that will impact you financially on your hair transplantation trip, these factors may include the cost of accommodation in your country, the cost of transportation from your accommodation to the clinic of your choice and general living expenses you may encounter throughout your stay closer to the clinic such as food and beverages.

For some, it becomes costly when you add each small expense to your final hair transplant package cost. For this reason, the all-inclusive package deals in Turkey have quickly become a no-brainer, especially for cosmetic tourists staying in countries with a significantly higher cost of living than Turkey. Below is a breakdown of the average hair transplant cost for women (categorised into the various methods of hair transplantation available to women) in Turkey vs. other countries.

Type of female hair transplantAverage Turkey CostAverage USA costAverage the UK cost
FUE Method€3,500€10,000€12,000
DHI Method€4,500€14,000€17,500

It is important to note that the average cost in Turkey includes luxury accommodation which usually takes the form of a 4 or 5-star hotel and transport between the airport, clinic, and your hotel. Those living in the USA who opt for a hair transplant closer to home will still need to add these costs in order to get a true reflection of what their hair transplant journey is going to cost them.

Factors influencing the hair transplant cost for women

Varying methods of female hair transplantation

Unlike men who require donor hair to be extracted from the back of the head between the ears as a result of those hairs being less susceptible to the hair-loss effects of DHT (A male sex hormone responsible for hair loss), women tend to experience a more diffused type of hair loss. This means that their donor hair does not explicitly get extracted from a theorised spot on the head. This requires doctors to do a more in-depth assessment of the head and hair in order to identify the best donor areas. Personalising these methods to the lady’s hair-loss generally results in a slightly elevated hair transplant cost for women.

The most suitable hair transplant methods for females are the FUE and DHI methods. The DHI method involves the same extraction process outlined by the FUE method, in which a large number of hair follicles are extracted individually from the donor areas most suitable to the individual. One of the many advantages that these methods have over less-modern techniques such as the FUT method is that no shaving of the donor hair is required.

As for the varying costs of the FUE and DHI methods, which are both considered the more advanced techniques of female hair transplantation, these methods require the use of different tools and equipment during the implantation process which affects the hair transplant cost for women.

The DHI method requires the use of a revolutionary Choi-pen which results in slightly elevated costs compared to FUE. This pen-like tool acts as a staple during the hair transplant process, requiring zero manual incisions for the transferral of the follicle from the donor area into the recipient area. Although doctors who have qualified to practice as hair transplant surgeons are sufficiently qualified, manual incisions require 100% depth and angle accuracy in order for the hair follicle to survive the transplant and appear natural after healing.

The Choi-pen used in the DHI method is designed to ‘staple’ the hair into the recipient area at an accurate depth and ease the pressure off surgeons when implanting the graft at the accurate angle as well. Therefore, you are charged for the modern equipment which naturally comes at a higher cost to the clinic and for the method’s time efficiency and accuracy.

Lower Cost of Living in Turkey

As a result of Turkey’s significantly lower living expenses in comparison to countries such as the USA and UK, hair transplant clinics are able to charge significantly less for hair transplant procedures. This saving on hair transplant cost for women is attributed to Turkey’s lower cost of renting, transportation, and basic resources.

However, these costs are relevant to the Turkish economy. This means that something that seems significantly cheap to those in other countries with a higher-valued currency, may still come at a significant cost to the clinic when you consider the amount of money a Turkish clinic makes in a year vs. clinics in the countries listed above.

Let’s look at the effect that these lower costs have on the hair transplant clinics in Turkey in order to better understand why their clinics can offer impeccable service and results at a fraction of the price.

  1. The cost of basic resources, utilities in the form of electricity and water, gas (petrol) is significantly lower than the costs in the USA or UK.
  2. Manufacturers of hair transplant equipment, tools, and medical commodities such as local anaesthesia, can produce the same goods as those produced in other countries for a fraction of the price.
  3. Transportation of equipment from the manufacturer’s facilities to the clinic is cheaper, positively affecting the cost to the clinic.
  4. Minimum wage in Turkey aligns with the minimum wage requirements in other countries in regards to economic relevancy within the country.
  5. 5. The ripple effect of these lower-in-comparison costs to the clinics in other countries ultimately results in a lower average hair transplant cost for women in Turkey.

State Incentives for Hair Transplant Clinics

With Turkey’s fast-growing hair transplant industry, comes government acknowledgment of the industry’s positive effect on the economy of Turkey. In order to maintain its large influx of cosmetic tourists, Turkey has incentivised hair transplant clinics, offering them tax breaks which ultimately contribute to the industry’s financial sustainability. These tax breaks result in financial relief to the clinics, adding to their costs and competitive packages.

To ensure high quality medical practices within the cosmetic industry of hair transplants, these tax breaks and incentives are only offered to clinics that are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), which strives to promote strict medical standards and high performance in solution deliverance by working alongside international parties, governments and healthcare organisations. 

The high number of hair transplant clinics

Doctors who choose to study further within the cosmetic industry have the opportunity to apply for specific study grants offered by the Turkish government which ultimately enriches Turkey’s vast selection of doctors. Naturally, the more practicing hair transplant specialists there are, the more clinics there are. As with any market, competition will always benefit those in the buying position. In order for clinics to ensure an income, they need to offer packages at a competitive price, relevant to the pricing structures of other hair transplant clinics.

The reason Turkey has opted to make the cost of their packages relevant to their costs is to ensure that their large influx of cosmetic tourists continues to benefit financially from the packages they offer. Without the significantly lower costs of hair transplants appealing to Turkey’s international audience, the number of tourists traveling for a hair transplant to Turkey would fall drastically. All of these factors ultimately lead to consistent affordability amongst the Turkish hair transplant clinics for women.

The advantage of currency exchange

A cosmetic procedure such as a hair transplant in Turkey presents substantial benefits for travellers who earn in dollars, pounds, or euros. As a result of Turkey’s economic status, tourists tend to benefit more from services offered within the country of Turkey, compared to their own where prices of the same procedures are more relevant to their own countries economic status.

For example, the cost of a hair transplant package offered in dollars in Turkey is not as affordable to the country’s local residents as it would be to those who have the advantage of currency exchange.

  • A hair transplant procedure cost of €4,500 in Turkey, is equivalent to roughly ₺68405.58 (Lira – Turkey’s national currency)
  • With ₺68405.58, a Turkish resident could pay their rent on a simple 2-bedroom house for 3 years
  • With €4,500, a citizen of the US, living in larger cities such as California or Washington DC, could pay their rent on a 2-bedroom apartment for approximately 3 months

As you can see, the cost of a hair transplant procedure in Turkey is relevant to the economy, awarding you the ultimate advantage when travelling for cosmetic procedures as a result of you positive effect that currency exchange has on hair transplant cost for women.

The number of grafts you require

This can be estimated by your chosen clinic before attending the clinic for your first live consultation, by means of photos. This will enable the clinic to give you an estimation, however, a full analysis of the recipient area and donor areas will determine the ultimate cost of the procedure.

Because many clinics charge per hair graft, the exact cost of your hair transplant may vary and result in a higher/lower cost of the procedure after the procedure is complete as this is when the surgeon will count each individual graft as it is transferred. The major benefit of having your hair transplant in Turkey is that packages are all-inclusive. This means that whether you require, 2000 or 3000 grafts to achieve your desired aesthetic, you will still only be required to pay the all-inclusive amount that was stipulated to you before travelling to Turkey for your hair transplant.

However, these packages generally include a quota, which limits the number of grafts you are entitled to with your hair transplant package. For instance, your hair transplant may be all-inclusive up to 4000 grafts. So, if you require more grafts and have sufficient hair density for further donation, you may be advised to return to Turkey in 6-12 months once your recipient zone has healed for further transplantation.

The reputation and popularity of the clinic

The worldwide cosmetic industry rely on word-of-mouth for sustainability which totally makes sense. Most people who wish to go undergo cosmetic surgery, whether it be a hair transplant or lip filler, tend to ask people they know and trust, who have undergone the same procedure, about their experience and for any advice.

Therefore, the higher quality service and results that someone you know receives from their hair transplant clinic, the more likely you are to set up your appointment at the very same clinic. Word of mouth may either have a negative or positive effect on business, but, when it comes to clinics with a high reputation amongst their previous guests, you can almost guarantee that you are going to be charged more for their treatments in comparison to less popular or poorly rated clinics.

Furthermore, clinics boasting international, world-renowned doctors and specialists are bound to inflate their prices to account for their high demand. But when you compare the cost of all-inclusive packages from Turkey’s highly esteemed hair transplant clinics to the costs of packages offered by their lesser-known clinics, the difference is completely justified. You want to know that you are receiving top-grade cosmetic treatment when travelling abroad, so opting for a slightly more costly treatment is often worth the security and peace of mind that accompanies it.

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Save With All-Inclusive Hair Transplant Packages in Turkey

As stipulated, hair transplant cost for women in Turkey is not determined by the number of grafts as is the case with clinics based in other countries. Rather, Turkish hair transplant cost for women is based on market relevancy and additional treatments on offer. With the varying transplant methods available for women, the cost of your hair transplant will also significantly rely on the aesthetic that you require, which will ultimately determine the type of technique that must be carried out by your hair transplant surgeon.

Many clinics offer an all-inclusive package on combination surgery, involving the parallel utilisation of both the FUE and DHU hair transplant methods which is considered most beneficial to women. This is because women tend to struggle with a diffused pattern of hair loss which results in patches of baldness and patches of visibly thinning hair. The DHI hair transplant method is most suited for the areas requiring more density due to the fact that this method allows for closer implantation which results in more hair follicles per cubic cm, creating a fuller appearance.

The FUE method is particularly useful for those who wish to simply restore hair where there is no hair any longer, as in the balder areas of the scalp. By combining these methods, the hair transplant cost for women is alleviated as the requirement for women to undergo multiple hair transplant procedures for the same number of grafts is eradicated, saving you time and more significantly, a lot of money.

The affordable all-inclusive packages in Turkey comprise of the following benefits:

No waiting periods

As a result of Turkey’s booming hair transplant industry made up of thousands of hair transplant clinics, you will likely benefit from no waiting period thanks to the array of clinics and hair transplant specialists at your disposal.


Your package will include luxury accommodation for the entirety of your cosmetic stay, this means that if the outline for your hair transplant clinic is set at 5 days, you will be treated to 4 nights of luxury at a 4 or 5-star hotel close to your chosen clinic. The hotel selected by your clinic will be completely Covid-19 friendly and be equipped with incredible staff and an English interpreter to ensure that you are totally comfortable on your rest days and safe from Covid-19 for the entirety of your stay.

Host services

You will be provided with access to an English interpreter who will ensure that all of your hair transplant and travel questions are answered sufficiently so that you can feel comfortable knowing that your needs and wants are communicated thoroughly to those in charge of your surgery, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your decision to opt for a hair transplant in Turkey.

Medication and medical tests

All blood tests and medical examinations that take place before your procedure during your initial consultation are included in your all-inclusive hair transplant package as this will determine your candidacy and the best-suited method for hair transplantation for you.

VIP transfers

You need not worry about what you will do once you arrive in Turkey, your selected clinic will provide you with state-of-the-art transportation from the moment you land. This transfer service will be made available to you for the entirety of your stay in Turkey, assisting you with transfer between the airport, clinic, and your hotel.

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Frequently asked questions about the hair transplant cost for women

The lower cost of hair transplants for women in Turkey is the result of numerous contributing factors such as the country’s lower cost of living, the currency exchange advantage that international cosmetic tourists have, and the state incentives offered to accredited hair transplant clinics. Read “Factors influencing the hair transplant cost for women” to find out more.

In order to make an informed decision on the best hair transplant clinic for you, you should compare the hair transplant cost for women offered by Turkey’s most reputable hair transplant clinics. We are here to make your search for the best clinic that much easier for you, simply fill out the form to receive offers from our partnering hair transplant clinics. Once you have decided on the best clinic for you, all you need to do is set up your consultation and book your appointment therein.

All-inclusive packages include additional extras such as your accommodation, however, these packages are not offered worldwide. Turkey has become increasingly popular for its high-quality packages, treating their cosmetic guests to a 4 or 5-star luxury hotel stay for the duration of their hair transplantation stay in Turkey. Sound good? Book your free consultation with an expert now.

Yes, the most suitable methods for hair transplantation for women are the DHI and FUE methods. These are included in the hair transplant cost for women and are often a combination package in order to achieve the best possible results without requiring you to book an additional appointment to receive treatment using a different method. This saves you time and money. Check out “Save With All-Inclusive Hair Transplant Packages in Turkey” for more on the savings you can make on these female hair transplant methods in Turkey. 

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