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Hair Transplant for Diffuse Thinning

A hair transplant for diffuse thinning is something many are curious about, as hair transplants are performed on a daily basis all over the world. Can you get a hair transplant when you are experiencing diffuse thinning, or are there other recommendable options out there?

We have all the answers, as well as a few tips for those considering having a hair transplant for diffuse thinning done in Turkey.

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Average Cost of a Hair Transplant for Diffuse Thinning

Men aren’t the only ones experiencing diffuse thinning and hair loss, and it is a lot more common in women than most people might think. If you are looking for a solution for your thinning scalp, then you’ve probably already discovered how much cheaper it can be when you opt to have the process completed abroad. 

In the United States, you can expect to pay around $4,000 to $15,000 USD depending on the current state of your scalp, how many hair grafts need to be transplanted and the desired result, and this is rarely covered by any health insurance. In the UK, the cost can range from £1,000 and £30,000, and this equals roughly €1,200 to €36,000—an impossible cost to cover for many individuals and households.

Save Money on Hair Transplants for Diffuse Thinning in Turkey

It’s not a coincidence that Turkey is currently in the top 10 of countries for health tourism, and that a large percentage of the hair transplants in the world are carried out in Turkey. The prices are lower, yet you don’t have to compromise on quality care. Not only is it one of the cheapest destinations, but also one of the best in terms of procedure and results.

The price depends on the type of hair transplant you need, and this would need to be discussed with a specialist for those experiencing diffuse thinning. Due to it being complicated to repopulate a full scalp evenly, each case would need to be assessed individually. Below are a few example costs for hair transplants in Turkey.

FUE Hair Transplant€1,799 to €2,500

DHI Hair Transplant

€2,490 to €4,000

Manuel FUE Transplant

€3,490 to €5,990

Sapphire FUE Transplant

€1,999 to €4,990

Keep in mind that these price examples can vary depending on the clinic and your individual needs, and they are only meant to give you an idea of what to expect when turning to a Turkish hair transplant clinic for help with diffuse thinning.

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Why Diffuse Thinning Occurs

Both men and women experience diffuse thinning, but while men often lose hair on the very top of the scalp first, women tend to experience a more widespread thinning where the whole head of hair gets thinner and thinner with time. 

It is also common for the hairline to recede gradually, often without the affected person realizing until it has already advanced significantly, and it can be a genetic condition or caused by illness or damage to the hair and scalp.

Most affected women start experiencing diffuse thinning after reaching the age of 50, but it is not unusual to experience the initiation of hair loss even earlier. The earlier you seek help, the better are your chances at finding treatment at a low price.

Here are some of the most common reasons for diffuse thinning in women:


If other women in your family experienced hair loss and thinning as they got older, the risk of you having inherited the same genes is higher. One of the most common causes of diffuse thinning is androgenetic alopecia. An enzyme known as 5α-Reductase (5-Alpha Reductase) and testosterone together form a process that creates a hormone known as DHT, and in those who are genetically sensitive, this could disrupt the hair’s natural ability to grow.

Hormonal Changes

Androgenic alopecia happens when there is a significant hormonal change in the body, such as after a pregnancy, when a woman enters menopause, if a thyroid disorder develops or if you are on birth control that affects your hormones. Such a change could potentially trigger diffuse thinning if the female and male hormones in the body become unbalanced.

Anxiety & Stress

The growth of the hair follicles depend heavily on hormonal balances within the body, and high and prolonged anxiety or stress can have a big effect on hair growth. This is a significantly bigger issue for those who are already genetically prone to hair loss and diffuse thinning, and it is something worth taking into consideration when trying to figure out why you suddenly seem to be losing your hair.

Medical Procedures

It is no secret that medical treatments such as chemotherapy causes hair loss and often complete baldness during the course of the treatment. In most cases, the hair follicles start producing hair again once the procedure or treatment has been completed, but some experience persisting bald spots or irregular hair growth.

Nutritional Deficiencies

A deficiency in nutrients can undeniably lead to hair loss and thinning, and there is a lot of truth to the statement “you are what you eat.” Iron deficiencies are known to cause hair weakness and brittle hair that might break and fall off, and insufficient intake of certain minerals and vitamins could also lead to hair loss.

Scalp Issues

Alopecia areata is also a cause for significant hair loss, and requires professional attention and the correct type of medical treatment. Whether you already know you have this condition or suspect you might, a professional needs to assess your scalp and any potential damages before it can be decided if you are a candidate for a hair transplant.

Hair Damage

The use of too many harsh chemicals, tight hairstyles, straightening and other damaging hair procedures can cause traction alopecia, which could result in thinning of the hair. This is one of those conditions that can often be corrected by taking better care of your hair, but prolonged hair abuse can cause permanent damage to the hair follicles.

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Is a Hair Transplant for Diffuse Thinning Recommended?

Those with Alopecia Areata are rarely good candidates for a hair transplant as their scalp will likely only reject the transplant, and that will unfortunately lead to the hair falling out just like your original hair did. Diffuse thinning caused by something else could, on the other hand, be helped by a hair transplant in many cases, but a medical assessment is needed.

We encourage you to reach out to us to get personalized help and advice based on your unique situation, and to receive a customized quote for what you can expect to pay for a hair transplant abroad in a country like Turkey.

Why You Should Consider Turkey for Your Hair Transplant

Turkey is known for having some of the most skilled medical professionals in the world, with top-class facilities and in-depth knowledge of the latest hair transplant methods. You also get a much lower price than you would pay in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, plus the opportunity to spend a couple of days in one of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries in the world.

Feeling relaxed is key in the recovery process after a hair transplant, as stress can cause hair loss, so why not spend a couple of days relaxing and exploring before attending your hair transplant appointment? In Turkey, the options are close to endless.

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Final Say on Hair Transplants for Diffuse Thinning

Hair loss can seem minor to those who have never experienced it, but for someone affected by diffuse thinning—it can take a severe toll on a person’s confidence. The cost is usually what holds people back from getting a hair transplant as they see their hair getting thinner and thinner, and if this is you, then perhaps you’ve been there yourself. 

Turkey offers an affordable option for those with diffuse thinning, where you get access to the best specialists in the field, and superior medical care at a digestible price. Take the step and start the process today, to see if a hair transplant in Turkey could be right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplants for Diffuse Thinning

In some cases yes, but it depends on what is causing the diffuse thinning and needs to be assessed by a medical expert.

Diffuse thinning is often associated with men, but exists also in women. It can be genetic, caused by illness, medical treatments or other conditions, or as a result of prolonged hair mistreatment and damage.

Yes, hair transplants in Turkey are often 50% cheaper (or less) compared to many other parts of the world, with equally good or better results.

Oral sedation and local anesthesia are the most common combination for hair transplants around the world, and Turkey is no exception. The best thing to do is to ask the clinic directly for specific information regarding their use of anesthesia.

If 1000-1500 grafts are transplanted, then you can usually expect the process to take somewhere around 4-6 hours, but the total transplant time differs depending on how much hair needs to be transplanted.

Expect to have the transplanted hair fall out after a few weeks, as this is a normal part of the process. The transplanted hair follicles will then start producing new hair within approximately 3-4 months, but you should expect to see full results until after 8-6 months have passed. It is a process that requires patience.

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